PWT presents at the SIA POWERTRAIN Conference 2015 in Versailles (France)

PWT presents at the SIA Conference 2015 in Versailles (France) May 27-28 “The low CO2 spark ignition engine of the future and its hybridization” . The research work carried out in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover is titled “EVAP System Fluid-Dinamics and Chemistry Modeling for EMS Purge Control Development and Optimization“.

The recourse to simulations tools during the engine development process considerably shortens the time-to-market. The availability of a reliable carbon canister model offers the possibility of designing and optimizing the EVAP system – currently fitted on all gasoline vehicle – on a virtual test rig, reducing the costly and time-demanding prototyping and testing activities.

The integration of the canister into a system-level engine model enables the virtual development and optimization pf effective fuel injection strategies during purge events, reducing the risk of operating the engine outside the stoichiometric widow, This contributes to the design of cleaner and more duel-efficient gasoline engines.