10+ years X-in-the-Loop applications

SiL/HiL & Real-Time modeling

PWT has a 10+ years of experience in developing fully physical Fast Running Models for control development and verification.
Starting from scratch or from already available high-fidelity models, we can support our customers in developing fast running model up to Real Time for MiL, SiL and HiL applications.

Thanks to our cutting-edge HiL rig featuring last generations processing unit, IO boards with fault injection capabilities and FPGA boards for e-drives simulations, we can carry out customer-accounted R&D project and methodology studies to set up a virtual test rig for the specific application that can be then replicated at customer side. We can also carry out onsite verification, validation and virtual calibration activities.

With our models we can cover any powertrain subsystem and HVAC device, in details:
• Engine and auxiliary circuits (fuel and lubricants)
• Vehicle thermal management (cooling and underhood)
• Transmissions
• Electric drives (batteries, power electronics and electric motors)
• Aftertreatment devices
• Vehicle dynamics
• HVAC circuits


PWT SiL/HiL & Real-Time modeling


In PWT we believe that fully physical plant models are the best choice to handle the challenging tasks of control development that require fast and accurate plant models since the early stage of product development.

In fact, physical background means:
• Access of a high number of variables, even those not usually measurable
• Easy and fast implementation of design variants
• Reduced amount of experimental data needed for model development
• Intrinsic high model predictivity

Moreover, physical high-fidelity models are normally available from design department since the concept phase. So, with PWT’s methodologies, our customers make an efficient re-use of internal resources through a streamlined simplification process.
Depending on customers’ necessities we can also use cutting-edge machine learning techniques to develop data-driven models to be operated standalone or in combination with physical model to improve their predictivity.

As PWT, we also have relevant experiences in developing Fast Running Models for Engine Virtual Calibration activities. By coupling combustion and gas-dynamics domain with emissions, aftertreatment and vehicle thermal management models we can develop digital twins of an engine test bench for offline or online calibration optimization activities.

1D Powertrain and Vehicle Simulation

3D-CFD Analysis


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