An extensive experience in all applications of 1D system-level simulation

1D Powertrain and Vehicle Simulation

PWT is at the cutting-edge of 1D systems simulation, thanks to a consolidated and recognized expertise developed over 15+ years.
We are able to support our customers with tailor-made consultancy services, ranging from detailed component-level analyses to integrated system-level simulations. The 1D CAE tools and methodologies we adopt are based on a physical representation of even complex systems, promoting the models robustness and predictive capabilities, still ensuring a quite fast computational time.

PWT has a consolidated experience on a wide range applications, from passenger cars to heavy-duty vehicles, both on- and off-road machinery and stationary/marine applications.
We can support on a wide range of applications and analyses:

Vehicle and driveline simulation
• Vehicle performance analyses, for both fuel-powered, hybrid and full-electric powertrains
• Energy/fuel consumption assessment, electric range estimation
• Hybrid architecture evaluation
• HEV energy management optimization for both series and parallel configurations (e.g, Dynamic Programming, ECMS, rule-based control logic)

Vehicle thermal management
• Hydraulic and thermal studies of cooling systems: layout definition, sizing and optimization
• Heat rejection and heat distribution analyses, applicable to battery pack, e-motor, inverter, internal combustion engine and its components (e.g., turbocharger)
• HVAC two-phase system simulation for cabin cooling, battery cooling and heat pump applications
• Cabin comfort studies
• Underhood condenser, radiator and fan module (CRFM) air flow distribution analysis



Batteries and e-drive components
• Physical electro-chemical modelling of Li-Ion cells
• Electrical-side modelling of e-motor and inverter
• Prediction of losses and heat rejection

Gas exchange and combustion
• Engine performance analyses
• Predictive combustion and knock modelling
• Turbocharging
• Intake and exhaust systems acoustics
• Exhaust aftertreatment systems simulation
• Gasoline evaporative emissions (EVAP) simulation
• Blow-by circuit modelling

Hydraulics and tribology
• Lubrication systems and components modelling
• Fuel injection system modelling
• Detailed modelling of pumps

• Transmission modelling
• Valvetrain simulation
• Crankshaft analyses
• Predictive friction modelling

3D-CFD Analysis


SiL/HiL & Real-Time modeling




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