A relevant experience in Electrified Powertrains

What we do

GTE’s CAE services can be grouped into three domains: 1D-CFD and Multiphysics, X-in-the-Loop (XiL) and Virtual Calibration, 3D-CFD simulations.

Through the years, GTE has gained relevant experience in all possible applications of 1D system-level multi-physics simulation to vehicle or powertrain research and development, to name a few: engine performance, turbocharging, acoustic and aftertreatment analyses, vehicle thermal management (VTM) simulations of both ICEVs and xEVs, hydraulics, engine mechanics, vehicle-level simulations, HEV power-split optimization, etc.

Starting from multi-physics models used in RD or product design, GTE established a proven methodology to increase their computational efficiency while retaining their accuracy and predictivity. This enables a wide range of simulations in which virtual plants are coupled with a control system from its early stages of development (MiL, SiL) to full-fledged ECU testing and validation (HiL). In 2013, GTE was among the first companies to bring a fully physical 1D engine model onto an HiL rig for ECU verification and validation. Since then, this methodology was extended to aftertreatment, thermal management and lube models.

GTE has a consolidated experience in 3D-CFD simulation of both conventional and electrified powertrain components. Starting from in-cylinder flow and spray analyses to predictive combustion and emission formation. Other 3D-CFD services include Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) analyses of water jackets and battery packs; flow characterization at a component level including pressure drop and flow pattern analyses; transient aeroacoustics with flow-noise prediction.

How we do it

We Help

At GTE we help our customers to solve powertrain simulation problems, minimize development costs, decrease time-to-market and improve productivity using the best-in-class CAE instruments.

We can provide services both in 1D powertrain and vehicle simulation and 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (3D-CFD).

We Solve

Our expertise can solve a broad range of engineering problems including combustion and aftertreatment analysis, turbo matching, acoustic analysis for intake and exhaust systems, xEV energy management, vehicle thermal management optimization, cooling and lubrication systems modeling.

We Train

GTE is not only your partner for simulation: we provide also flexible and accurate training classes in different languages tailored to the customers’ needs. We can organize face-to-face or remote lecture-style lessons and hands-on sessions on a variety of simulation topics.

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