Ducted Fuel Injection 3D-CFD investigation for soot emissions reduction

PWT is part of the team including General Motors, e3 – Engines Energy Environment | Research Group of Politecnico di Torino and Università degli Studi di Perugia, working on a research at the cutting edge of innovative Diesel engines development: Ducted Fuel Injection or DFI.
The DFI technology is supposed to allow a massive decrease in engine out soot particles emissions thanks to the improvement of fuel-air mixing, achievable by means of a small tube, or duct, placed at the outlet of the injector’s nozzle.
At the current stage of development, 3D-CFD analyses in CONVERGE were used to model the ducted fuel spray, validate them against dedicated vessel experimental tests, and combine them with combustion and soot formation models. The 3D-CFD model was then used to run simulations at different operating conditions to quantify the benefit on soot emissions given by the adoption of the DFI technology. The research project is ongoing and the 3D model will be expanded to analyze the duct thermal behavior and optimize its geometry, before the deployment of the DFI system on a real passenger car engine.
Have a look at the CONVERGE Blog for further information! https://bit.ly/2WMElQX