FCEV Models for XiL Applications

Among emerging powertrain technologies, Hydrogen Fuel Cells are gathering attention thanks to their efficiency, power density and zero tailpipe CO2 emissions. PWT has relevant experience in the modelling and simulation of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) and recently succeeded in the deployment of a complete Fuel Cell system physical GT-SUITE Real-Time model onto a dSpace Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) rig. This model can be thus effectively used as a virtual plant for FCEV control system validation and verification.

The model under investigation includes both a PEM Fuel Cell stack and a Balance of Plant (BoP) model suited for automotive applications. The BoP is composed of a cathode loop (air management), an anode loop (fuel management) and a coolant loop (thermal management). Controllers were developed to regulate H2 mass flow rate, air flow rate and humidity, coolant flow rate. The virtual plant was optimized for Real-Time operation and subsequently deployed onto our in-house dSpace HiL test bench.

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